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What is story marketing?

Content Marketing + Context Marketing = Story Marketing

Story Marketing

Content Marketing + Context for Growing Local Businesses.

Local Businesses

Our mission is to help local business owners succeed.

Marketing Loop

We close the loop on your marketing with our proprietary 7 step process.

Our Story

7 Story Marketing was born out of the marketing needs of a few local businesses. Aaron Lynch is the Founder and Owner of 7 Story Marketing and has worked in sales and marketing his entire life and owned several small/local businesses. He is very familiar with the frustration of not knowing where to spend marketing dollars and not seeing results from the efforts he was employing. His research and work in marketing led him to create the 7 Story Marketing proprietary process and marketing funnel: the Complete Marketing Loop. The process, based on research and strategy instead of specific tactics, has proven very effective with local companies. Shortly after starting 7 Story Marketing, Aaron Lynch was joined by Brad Thompson, a talented graphic designer with print and digital experience in the restaurant, retail, church, and music industries. Brad’s artistic talents were a perfect complement to what Aaron had begun. Together, the art and science became a powerful combination to help local businesses achieve their goals.

Aaron Lynch

Aaron Lynch


Name: Aaron Lynch

Nickname: A-A-Ron

Spy Name: Chester Moistmuffins

Hometown: Grand Blanc, Michigan

Favorite 80’s TV Show: The Dukes of Hazzard (a.k.a Hacks a doozee)

Favorite Hot Sauce: Cholula – known affectionately in my home as cha lala

Current Music Obsession: Justin Bieber’s new album (note: I have two tweenage daughters)

Bio – Servant, Sarah’s best friend, Hannah and Hazel’s daddy, purveyor of audiobooks, lover of marketing psychology (and psychology in general), intensely loyal, coffee and cheesecake connoisseur, beach and boat enthusiast, people watcher, giver, philosopher, not as old as my hair might tell you (over-user of parentheses).

Angela J. Ford

Angela J. Ford

Project Manager

Name: Angela J. Ford

Nickname: Gus

Spy Name: Agent Zero

Hometown: Alabaster, AL

Favorite 80’s TV Show: Full House

Favorite Hot Sauce: Tabasco

Current Music Obsession: The Killers

Bio: Author of The Four Worlds Series. Digital Marketing Strategist. Inspirational Blogger. Writer. Traveler. Photographer. Coffee Connoisseur.

Brad Thompson

Brad Thompson

Creative Director

Name: Brad “TheBishop” Thompson

Nickname: The Professor

Spy Name: Dirk Honeycutt

Hometown: Hurricane, Kanawha County, West Virginia

Favorite 80’s TV Show: The A-Team

Favorite Hot Sauce: Texas Pete

Current Music Obsession: Punch Brothers

Bio: Believer. Husband to Harley. Family Man. Designer. Musician. Voice-Over Artist. Dog Dad. Politics Junkie. Comic Book Nerd. Barbecue Enthusiast. Typography Dork. Bruins Fan. Unapologetic Movie Buff. Gentleman. Philanthropist. Time Lord.

Monique E. Olivera

Monique E. Olivera


Name: Monique E. Olivera

Nickname: Little Robot

Spy Name:

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Favorite 80’s TV Show: Alf

Favorite Hot Sauce: Tabasco

Current Music Obsession: Country Music

Bio: Web development using the latest and greatest technologies is my passion. I love building meaningful user-centered, responsive web experiences and creating products that bring real results for clients. Over 5 years of experience in mostly open source tech, including several PHP MVC platforms and Javascript.

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