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Over the past several years 7 Story Marketing has worked with many local businesses and a few national organizations to grow their businesses using story marketing.  We have refined the process and now offer three marketing packages for growing local businesses.


So what is story marketing?


Story marketing is essentially where content marketing and context marketing meet.  Content marketing uses content (like articles) to attract business through channels like a blog (website), email, social media, and local directories (like Yelp and Google).  


Context marketing takes into account who the audience is, where they live, and what kinds of things they like.  It’s highly targeted and reaches the intended audience directly.


What we’ve been able to do is marry the two and have created story marketing.  Story marketing considers the audience and their journey as a customer, and then creates content specifically to connect with that audience at every point in their journey.


The Result?


The result is having your information available to ideal clients EXACTLY when they’re looking for it instead of blanketing a huge marketplace and hoping one or two people respond.  


So what can we do for you?


If you’re interested, we would interview you and conduct some in depth market research.  Based on our findings we would create a marketing campaign to reach existing and future ideal customers.  This is marketing like you’ve never seen before.  It’s connecting with your ideal target client in a way that’s interesting to them and in places where they’re already searching for your business, information about what you offer, and how to get out of whatever pain they’re in that your business solves.


How do we do that?


To get started we’ll go through a 30-day research process.  Through interviewing you and using your answers to research your industry, clients, and services, we would create a marketing plan to help grow your local business.


What would happen after the first 30 days.


We would send you a proposal for our services.  Our core services are listed below.  Additional options are available as ad hoc services, but these are the basics.




Write an article every week or every month about an issue facing your ideal client.




Email your existing client list each week or each month with the article and include special offers for products or services from your business.  This keeps you top of mind and encourages repeat and referral business.




Post the article to your website/blog and link it to appropriate pages.  This helps with SEO (search engine optimization or ranking) and SEM (search engine marketing), and also improves conversion.


Social Media


Share the article on appropriate social media outlets and encourage sharing among your ideal clients and their friends.  This content is much better than ads or sharing others’ content.


PR/Local Search Directories


Offer articles to local magazines and online magazines for syndication.  This shows that you are a thought leader and expert in your field.

We also identify the top 3-5 local search directories and keep your profile optimized in addition to managing and encouraging reviews. These are sites like Yelp and Google My Business. 

To get started call us at 239.287.0334 or send us a message.

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